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Ice temperatures, rain and snow put the Homeless at risk of exposure and hypothermia. Winter weather can prove fatal for those sleeping rough.

Call Street Link if you see someone sleeping rough - 0300 500 0914

Treat them like a human being, stop for a cup tea and a quick chat. Help rough sleeper care for their DOG'S friend with dog food. Give your old winter jackets or coat for an individual in need. Purchase useful items such as warm hats, gloves, socks, scarfs, backpack & sleeping bags. Everyone deserves dignity, deserves a roof over their heads and to live a safe life away from the streets.

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Rough sleeping has been on the rise since 2005. The number of people sleeping rough in London has more than tripled in that time.

11,018 people were recorded as having slept rough in the capital in 2020/21. This data, from the Greater London Authority's Chain database, tracks rough sleepers in London seen by outreach workers. This is a 3% increase compared to the total of 10,726 people seen the year before and almost twice that of ten years ago. Within the 11,018 overall total, 7,531 were new rough sleepers who had never been seen bedded down in London prior to this year. This rise in homelessness is particularly alarming as it came when there was a huge influx of funds to support people off the streets. In effect, the number of new rough sleepers caused the total number to rise.

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